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November 2015

“Patent Market 2015 – Buyers, Sellers & What Are They Paying?” Richardson et. al. AST (November 2015)

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What is the current trend of the brokered patent market, and how can you as a buyer or seller exploit the current patent climate? We look into market pricing, litigation risks, NPE activity and more to help you decide your best patent options for 2015.

“Patent Market 2015 – Buyers, Sellers & What Are They Paying?” Richardson et. al. AST (November 2015), available here.

2015 Brokered Patent Market

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Our analysis of the patent market is now available in the January/February (issue #75) of IAM Magazine. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Asking prices are down ~$50K, but not by as much as you would have thought.
  • The Alice decision has killed the sales rates (the percentage of packages sold) for business processes patents but has had much less of an effect on software patents.
  • Patents with EOUs (light claim charts) have higher asking prices (+$50K) and selling rates.
  • We sized the market at about $230M in closed patent transactions.

Additionally, we show the total asking price of deals we track has grown over time to almost $7B. The graph below includes both brokered and private deals in our database of over 2200 patent packages with over 64,000 patent assets.

Download the paper here.

Patent Return on Investment: The Strategic Counter-Assertion Model

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Questions your CEO may ask of you about your patent program:

  • How much should we invest in patents this year?
  • Which ones should we get?
  • What is my return going to be?

To find answers, look to the July/August issue of IAM Magazine for our latest paper, “The Strategic Counter-Assertion Model for Patent Portfolio ROI.”  We show how to build a financial model by targeting the revenues of other companies according to the patent assertion risk they present. The model  effectively defines your patent development and external acquisition strategies. We include example models and a workflow to build your financial model.

Download the paper here.