2015 Brokered Patent Market

By November 19, 2015News

Our analysis of the patent market is now available in the January/February (issue #75) of IAM Magazine. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Asking prices are down ~$50K, but not by as much as you would have thought.
  • The Alice decision has killed the sales rates (the percentage of packages sold) for business processes patents but has had much less of an effect on software patents.
  • Patents with EOUs (light claim charts) have higher asking prices (+$50K) and selling rates.
  • We sized the market at about $230M in closed patent transactions.

Additionally, we show the total asking price of deals we track has grown over time to almost $7B. The graph below includes both brokered and private deals in our database of over 2200 patent packages with over 64,000 patent assets.

Download the paper here.