To Our Clients, Team and Families, Thank You! ROL Group Celebrating 7 Successful Years

By January 7, 2016News

Erik and I wanted to thank our clients, team, friends and families for all the support over the last seven years. Thank you for helping the ROL Group to achieve important milestones:

  • Helped our clients by and sell more than $65M in patent assets. We have sourced, filtered, diligenced, built financial models for, and closed deals for thousands of patents.
  • Created the first data-driven report on the brokered patent market. We reported on who was selling patents, who was buying patents, what the prices were and how to improve your strategies. Now, we publish an annual report cited by others in the industry and academics.
  • Built a database and operations to track and analyze patent deals in excess of $7B across more than 60,000 patents and 2,200 patent deals.
  • Designed first of their kind tools for world-class technology companies to help them value, analyze, and process patent deals.
  • Successfully negotiated away more than $500M in patent assertion liability.
  • Helped governmental and quasi-governmental agencies implement new programs including their data protection policy, privacy policy, and IT licenses.
  • Helped our clients find solutions to challenges in litigation, trademarks, licensing, patent monetization, and patent valuation.
  • Developed an interesting and fun place to work.

We look forward to the next seven years and beyond. Thank you again!