Finding the Best Patents – Forward Citation Analysis Still Wins

By March 24, 2016News

“We would like you to find the best patents in this pile of 50,000 candidates. Oh, and we need it done for $30K.” We hear requests like this so often we’ve built processes and tools to help us address them.  Our team has over 60 years of experience developing, evaluating, monetizing, litigating, and licensing patents; we’d like to share some of our experience and methodology with you.

Let’s return to that pile of 50,000 patents – how can we find the highest quality patents reliably and efficiently?

In our two part blog post series at IP Watchdog, we document our efforts to develop and refine a patent ranking system based on our unique database tracking over $7B of patents that companies are trying to sell, or have sold.

Read the first post for more details.