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April 2020

Webinar: Marketing and selling patents in the current environment (May, 2020)

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Marketing and selling patents in the current environment – hear from the experts

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With the current economic uncertainty, selling patents may be the non-dilutive cash injection your organization needs. You know there is considerable monetary value in your intellectual assets, and you know patent sales are the best ways to realise that value for at least part of your portfolio. Perhaps you are unsure of how to best prepare them for sale. Or maybe you are wary of undertaking this considerable endeavour, and with good reason – only 30% of patents on the market ever sell. With many hundreds of patent packages available at any given time, how can you ensure that your offering stands out as attractive and viable to serious buyers? Industry veterans from buyers, sellers, and brokers discuss topics like identifying and packaging patents, and pricing.

Key points:

  • What is selling
  • Setting price
  • Selecting patents for sale
  • Packaging and presenting patents
  • Closing


  • Kent Richardson, CEO, Richardson Oliver Insights
  • Brandon Antonio, Managing Counsel, Patent Transactions Group, Intel
  • Kurt Brasch, Head of Patents, Uber
  • Ed Fish, Managing Director, TechIP

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