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June 2020

“Unpacking the Royalty Stack.” Oliver et. al. IAM Media (June 2020)

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Just how much device makers are on the hook for in patent licensing payouts is one of the most debated questions in the IP community. While a complete answer may remain elusive, an analytical approach can help manufacturers assess their risk.

“Unpacking the Royalty Stack.” Oliver et. al. IAM Media (June 2020), available here.

This article first appeared in IAM Issue 100, published by Law Business Research – IP Division. To view the issue in full, please go to

Podcast: Startups and Patent Portfolio Building – IP Counsel Cafe

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When do startups and younger companies need to start building their patent portfolios?  When do you transition from trade secret to patent?  Will a patent portfolio help you secure funding?  What are investors looking for? How can a startup continue portfolio building during an economic downturn?  Karina Levitian has advised startups as in-house and outside counsel.  She leads this discussion with Kent Richardson of Richardson Oliver Group LLP.

Listen here for Episode 8.