LOT Network Report 2020

By October 29, 2020Publication

What do IBM, Continental and Olympus all have in Common? They’ve all taken steps to maximize the value of their patents, they’ve reduced the risk of PAE litigation and they joined the LOT Network in 2020.

Richardson Oliver Law Group, Cipher, and LOT Network have just launched a report that discusses the 2.7 million assets under the LOT protection umbrella that companies like IBM and Continental have opted into.

LOT Network Report 2020: Why the largest patent portfolio in the world reduces PAE risk delves into the following key points:

  • Patent assertion entity risk,
  • LOT Network today,
  • The LOT Network portfolio,
  • and a look into what the future holds.

“LOT Network Report 2020.” Seddon et. al. LOT Portfolio Webinar and Report (October 2020), available here.