“Patent Monetization: Buy, Sell, License, Hold?” Richardson. The National Association of Patent Practitioners – Annual Meeting & Conference 2017 (July 2017)

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Given the myriad of ways companies use to monetize their patents, how do you know which choice to make? ROL Group delves into this question by looking at the different types of monetization strategies available, and balances the options based on their current market and judicial factors.

“Boot Camp: Patent Sales.” Binns et. al. IPBC Global 2017 Ottawa (June 2017)

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The profiles of patent buyers, as well as their motivations, are changing. This makes the ability to package assets to maximize deal-making success more important than ever. Mr. Richardson presents on a panel including Russ Binns, CEO of AST, Ray Strimaitis, VP Intellectual Property, Yahoo, and Ed Fish, Co-Head Technology and IP, Houlihan Lokey.

* What is driving the market

* Evidence of use and other key selling points

* Getting the pricing right

“Make vs. Buy: Patent Buying, IPO Webinar.” Harrison et. al. Make Buy Webinar (April 2012)

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Companies have more options than ever before as they decide between investing in the development of a certain technological capability internally, licensing-in technology, or buying a patent or patents to obtain the freedom to operate. We and several other panelists discuss what IP lawyers both in-house and at law firms should bring to the table in these discussions.

“Imagine There’s No ‘Bad Patents’ – Patent Life Cycle Metrics.” Richardson. Strategic Intellectual Property Leadership Conference (SLIC) (April 2007)

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Determining whether a patent is a “good” asset can be tricky. With a patent’s value typically being realized almost ten years after its grant, how can we know the value of any newly-granted patent? We offer concrete metrics as to how to gauge patent value at each point of its life cycle.