When it comes to IP decisions that affect your business, we've got you covered. We seek out interesting business challenges and find creative solutions at the heart of business, technology and the law.

"The ROL Group helped Cardinal take an expanded view on how we approached and leveraged our intellectual property assets. It wasn’t just about building a strong portfolio to secure near term and long term competitive advantages or adding barriers to entry. It was also about building an integrated portfolio that helped achieve our strategic objectives. Patents were integrated into our annual and strategic business plans from product and business development through commercialization and customer acquisition."

Mike KeresmanCEO, Cardinal Commerce (acquired by Visa)

"The ROL Group provided clear and effective guidance in the marketing and valuation of our patent portfolio."

Dan SteereSVP Sales & Corporate Development, Tabula Inc.

In a challenging market where patent valuations varied dramatically based on market conditions, ROL provided us with a solid valuation they stood behind, coordinated the bidding process with multiple buyers, and achieved results that exceeded our expectations.

Andrew UrushimaVP Finance, Color Labs

"In a fast-paced and tense negotiation, ROL Group provided business-focused expertise and savvy negotiation strategies to finalize a complex license agreement. Their advice helped focus our executive team on key areas of business impact and frame our positions for negotiation advantage."

Sarah NiyogiGeneral Counsel, Plaid, Inc.

"We engage with experienced external subject matter experts. ROL Group provides us with relevant and actionable advice."

Justin BasaraVice President Acquisition, RPX

We rely on the ROL Group to provide unique perspectives on patent strategy and the patent market. Their insights have allowed us to develop and improve our internal patent programs and strategies.

Allen LoDeputy General Counsel, Patents, Google


As lawyers with business backgrounds and engineering minds, we understand your business and product landscape. We help you appreciate the implications of your IP decisions and help guide your company through unique IP challenges like buying and selling patents, developing licensing programs, defending against patent assertions and creating a value-driven IP portfolio. We give direction to cutting-edge businesses that share our passion for new ideas, creative problem solving and forward motion.


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Kent specializes in patents and patent licensing, and has a track record of millions of dollars in patent licensing deals.
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Erik helps businesses understand how to use their patent portfolios to support decisions that affect market position. Erik also provides clients with licensing, trademark and privacy advice.
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It's our job to know our way around IP law, but we like to think bigger than traditional theory and risk assessment. Why color inside the lines when there's so much opportunity beyond the borders? We ask the business questions first. We help our clients explore new challenges. We draw up clear steps for success in terms that mean business.

IP decisions require specialized knowledge—that’s where we come in. Your top priority is your business, and your IP decisions are about finding the right balance of risk and reward. We can help you find it.

As IP lawyers, we know where to look for risks that might affect your business. As business executives, we see roadblocks that might stall your IP strategy, because we’ve been there. We talk about challenges in language that makes sense, and show you the steps to move past the barriers.

We work with businesses that vary in size and focus. What they have in common is innovation. For these businesses, the right counter assertion patent or licensing program can be the difference between leading the market and lagging behind.

We evaluate portfolios to identify the best and brightest patents to use in your patent strategy. We can guide you through buying the patents that help you stand out, and selling the ones that don’t fit. We can help you build the business case, the financial models and the resource requirements for your patents. And that’s just the beginning.