Richardson and Oliver as World Leading IP Strategists – 10 Years at the Top

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For ten years, IAM Magazine has selected the top 300 IP strategists in the world. Kent Richardson and Erik Oliver are honored to be included for their tenth and ninth years respectively. From Joff Wild, editor of IAM Magazine, “IAM Strategy 300 has identified individuals who offer top-tier services relating to the development and implementation of strategies which enable IP owners to maximise the value of their portfolios.” Richardson and Oliver are dedicated to bringing greater transparency to the industry through publications and presentations on topics like HEVC licensing, Intellectual Ventures’ holdings, and the secondary patent market. Furthering access to patent market data, Kent Richardson said “With the launch of Richardson Oliver Insights (, we bring our groundbreaking patent market reports and analysis to a broader audience and enable more people to buy, sell, and value patents.”

Read more about the IAM 300 here.

“So, China – Buyers Sellers Litigation.” Richardson et. al. LOT Network Bridge (May 2018)

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BRIDGE provides an exclusive opportunity for member companies from across the globe — industry leaders and innovative startups — to share ideas, learn from IP experts and build stronger networks that provide value to our member companies.

At the event, Kent Richardson will speak be speaking with Ray Strimaitis, VP, Corporate Development and Global Strategy at AST, on IP in China. We’ll be discussing who’s buying, selling, asserting, and provide an update on PAE litigation.

“So, China – Buyers Sellers Litigation.” Richardson et. al. LOT Network Bridge (May 2018), available here.

Richardson and Oliver Selected for the Top 300 IP Strategists

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Kent Richardson and Erik Oliver are proud and humbled to be selected for the ninth and eighth years respectively for IAM’s Top 300 IP Strategists. From IAM Magazine, “It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 2017 edition of IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists, our annual listing of individuals who our research has revealed specialise in developing and rolling out world-class IP value creation programmes.” You can read more here.

Financial Return From Your Defensive Aggregator? Download the LOT Network Model

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In the July/August IAM Magazine, we present a return on investment financial model for a defensive aggregator. We developed an ROI model for the LOT Network membership. LOT Network works for many companies, but not all. We are releasing the model and a description of how the model works under the Creative Commons license. So, feel free to download the model and try it out. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Download the model here.

“Patent Purchases and Litigation Outcomes.” Lemley et. al. 2016 Patently-O Patent L.J. 15 (December 2016)

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The sales market for patent rights continues to vex analysts – especially in terms of valuation. In their Patently-O Patent Law Journal article, Professor Mark Lemley teams up with the Richardson Oliver Law Group to provide further guidance.  The article considers how patent litigation outcomes vary according to the identity of the patentee (ownership) and the manner in which the patent was obtained (source), read the article at Patently-O.

“Patent Purchases and Litigation Outcomes.” Lemley et. al. 2016 Patently-O Patent L.J. 15 (December 2016)

When do Operating Companies Sell their Patents?

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What causes operating companies to sell their patents? Our intuition tells us that patent sales take place when the seller is in financial distress or the company is underperforming. We asked ourselves whether data aligned with our intuition.

We looked at transaction data for sales from corporations. We studied the financial condition of 20 companies across 41 transactions over the last 6 years (post 2008 financial crisis) and looked for correlations between a company’s financial health and the sale of patents. We used sales from corporations to NPEs as a proxy for all corporate patent sales. In the analysis, we found that 78% of large patent sales (>= 10 patents transferred) occurred when the companies were underperforming the QQQ ETF (an exchange-traded fund based on the Nasdaq-100 Index, which was used as a proxy for the market). Further, including the smaller transactions (4-9 patents transferred), the overall share of transactions that occurred when the companies were underperforming the QQQ ETF was 71%.

Read the rest of the article at IPWatchdog.

Comparative Patent Ranking Approaches Around the World — Citations Matter

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Over the past 18 months, our clients have begun to show greater interest in international patents (e.g. non-US). Increasing client interest in international patents corresponds with the general rise in importance of international patents (continuing ascension of the Chinese market, potential for unitary patent for Europe), more anti-patent owner decisions in the US, and greater patent litigation outside the US. Client interest spurred us to review our existing patent evaluation tools and methodologies for potential improvements. We found that our current ranking system can be used for EP patents, especially with further calibration using EP data sets, and also that an integrated ranking approach that allows comparison and ranking of EP and US patents relative to one another is possible.

Read the full article at IPWatchdog and about the surprising importance of citation analysis in ranking systems.